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The view from the northern side of the Ashrama revesais the majestic peaks of Nandakot, Nanda-devi, Panchachully and the picturesque river Kali flowing at a distance near the Indor-Nepal border. A shimmering blue lake,300 feet below, commands a great spiritual grandeur. Set in the area of Shyanla, the lake's cool blue waters inspired Swami Virajananda to call it Shyamla Tal - the blue lake. There are various ways to reach Shyamla Tal.

1. Lucknow to Tanakpur ( overnight journey ) by train.
2. Tanakpur to Shukhidhang 23 km by bus.
3. Sukhidhang to Shyamla Tal 5 km on foot.
4. Tanakpur to Shyamla Tal 28 km by hiredjeep.
5. Bareilly to Shyamla Tal 141 km by car/bus.
6. Delhi to Shyamla Tal via Tanakpur 361 km by car/bus.

About Shyamlatal

Shyamala Lake (1500 m) By Krishna. Filed in Lakes | Shyamala Tal is 132 km from Pithoragarh and 58 km from Champawat. Swami Vivekananda Ashram is located here at the bank of the lake. The blue lake of Shyamala Tal is spread over an area of about 1.5 sq. km. The area has some ruins dating back to the days of the early Chand rulers and others associated with the Pandavas. How To Reach Shyamala Tal.

Total Distance
Delhi Shyamala Tal 405 kms.
Delhi Moradabad 145 kms.
Bareilly Tanakpur 135 kms.
Tanakpur Sukhidhang 24 kms.
Sukhidhang Shyamala Tal 05 kms.

Rail Nearest RailHead Tanakpur.
Air Nearest Airport Naini Saini.
Best Time Round the Year.

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